REDCap system data integration with DHIS2

Had enquired about this sometimes back- precisely,is it possible to push REDCap system data into DHIS2?

I’m not sure what’s the use case and what’s the purpose of this integration so it would be helpful to explain further. If all you need from this integration is “to push REDCap system data” then please see if you are able to export the data from REDCap and then import it to DHIS2 using the Import/Export app. Thanks!

Thanks @Gassim
Basically, we are collecting routine individual level inpatient data (Neonatal and Paediatrics wards) from hospitals at the point of discharge using the REDCap system. Hospitals do not collect this kind of data in the national reporting system i.e DHIS2.We are exploring ways to integrate this data into DHIS2 in real time.

At the moment, we are share the reports we generate with MOH Teams via email, and we want to address this gap so that MoH team can get any data/reports they require on the same in realtime.


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Hi George,

My thoughts;

You’d need to confirm if it’s anonymous event-based or tracking the same patient over time; know which program to configure (tracker or Event) then afterward, know which specific data points the team (MoH) is interested in. If you can, you can create scripts that can help update the specific data values to your instance; alternatively, if there’s a DHIS2 instance that can be used instead, it would be wise to change from REDCap to DHIS2 and have your data under one roof - easily create visuals and pivot tables to support the MoH reports need.


Thanks @jomutsani for your advice. The idea is to keep collecting the anonymized patient level data using REDCap then push the identified data elements of interest to MoH DHIS2 platform as a way of supplementing what is currently being reported by hospitals for the cohort of patients we are working with.
How to implement that technically is what we are still exploring.

Hi @Mbevi

I agree with @jomutsani about using DHIS2 instances that are all connected. Integration, however, between REDCap and DHIS2 is possible using the API. You might benefit from this community discussion post: How do I integrate DHIS with REDCap

@jthomas also mentions this possibility in the discussion topic above.

I hope this helps! thanks!


Thanks @Gassim and @jomutsani. At last I have used the DHIS2 API with R.
Will explore the suggestions and share feedback on what works.