How do I integrate DHIS with REDCap

I have lots of data in our University REDCap instance, how do I integrate the two systems?

Thank you


Hello Samuel,

Is it a one time integration (migrating data from REDCap to DHIS2) or you would like to have on-going integration.

High-level steps coming to my mind is

  • Learn DHIS2 API
  • Learn REDCap API
  • Create a DHIS2 dataset for the dataelements you want to extract from REDCap
  • Implement an extract-transform-load logic (if it’s one time python/js scripts may do) using apis of both. If it’s ongoing integration, may be you shall use advanced tools like apache-camel suggested by dhis2 core developers.

Hello Jins,

Thank you for your response, I am still very new to the use of DHIS2, will go through the high level approach suggested and see what will come out, please i will be coming back should I meet a snag.

Lastly, it will be an ongoing integration, I assume since I have not been informed if we are moving away from REDCap.


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