Question about relationships in tracker capture for contact tracing/tracking stock

Hi all,
What have people done for contact tracing in tracker programs, where the relationship is not permanent? Meaning, we want to link the contacts to the index case initially, but then ultimately follow each of the contacts on their own without necessarily maintaining that relationship forever (most of the use cases in the documentation are mother-child). But we want to analyze within and across programs. So within the same program, we would enroll the index case, then also enroll the contacts in the same program, with the A-B relationship? What do the analytics look like, in terms of determining index vs. contact enrollments, or primary vs. secondary distribution? (I’m thinking about both contact tracing and primary vs. secondary distribution of a product.)

More generally, for relationship type, when would one choose TEI-TEI (I assume something like mother-child) vs. enrollment or incident?

Thanks for any insight!
~Natalie T

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