Proxy Error in Event Capture

Hello everyone,

We are facing a proxy error when we try to download (.xls, .csv) through the event report module.
We are using dhis 2 version 2.36.3

We also note that there is no error in the dhis2 logs.


Did you see the localhost log. Perhaps doing the web browser console will help detect a problem. do this by right clicking then inspect then check the console, there will be errors. so that and share what you see.

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Hello @moses_mwale , thank you for your response

Here is the message in the web console

Okay @didate! Thank you for sending the response (which is exactly the same as the screenshot in your topic post above)! Then maybe the way to go is to understand the request. Are you facing this issue every time you try to download (.xls, .csv) or only for this request? Can you try .json for this request do you still face an issue? Thanks!

@didate also is it possible to try a similar request like this one on

From your previous topics, these are your system settings and configurations (reference for experts answering):

@Gassim , it seems to work with the json, even if it only returned 100 lines.

we really started to notice the problem that since yesterday

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