POST-ed dataValueSet value doesn't appear on Data Entry page frontend

hey DHIS2 folks,

I’ve successfully updated a dataValueSet on the demo instance through the API.
When inspecting the HTML source of the relevant data entry page, the posted values are updated. However, they don’t show up in the table on the frontend.

Would you have any thoughts on what additional (permission, visibility?) setting could be causing this and what we could do to have the posted values appear on the frontend?

Many thanks.

Hi @ritazagoni

Please try to clear the cache. First, to make sure whether it’s a cache issue or not, after clearing application cache and reload apps from the Data Administration app in Maintenance, use the browser’s Guest mode to login to the DHIS2 instance where you’re updating the values. If the values appear then it’s definitely a cache issue.

In your default browser, use CTRL+SHIFT+R and the Browser Cache Cleaner app as a first simple step to clear the cache, if it doesn’t work, you can try more steps to clearing cache but hopefully this step works fine.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for the quick response, Gassim!

I cleared the cache and reloaded the page in incognito mode, the issue is still the same. I snapped a screenshot. The values appearing in the response on the right are the ones we posted.

Thank you! :slight_smile: May I ask you to test on the latest stable release ( rather than the one which is under development?

To be 100% sure if it’s not a cache issue or not, open the site again in Chrome (Guest Mode not Incognito mode). If it doesn’t show the same error then please go back to the browser you are using and try the following:

There are several things to do when cache won’t clear easily:

  1. Normally we run the Browser Cache Cleaner app but we might also need to run the Data Administration app → Maintenance → Clear application cache and the Reload apps options.
  2. Using Hard Reload and Empty Cache:
  1. As a last resort please clear cache and storage from ‘Application’ in the
    Browser Developer Tools, but you need to be careful because any unsaved changes you made from the browser will be erased and it will erase the username and password if it is saved in your browser so make sure to remember it. See screenshot:


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Hi Gassim,

It worked! Thanks a lot for your persistent help! :slight_smile:

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Glad to know, and you’re welcome! Thank you for sharing with the community. (: