Period selection window in Event Reports Application in 2.35.1 for "Fixed and relative periods" lacking visibility

For our 2.35.1 instances (2 separate instances, across users), Going to Event Reports and then going to select Periods (even without selecting a Program from which to select data, at all), the window available to select any “Fixed and relative periods” is completely hidden. The two things that seem to at least partially help with the visibility of this window are:

  1. Selecting specific programs (particularly those without many DEs or PIs that load upon program selection)
  2. Reducing the amount of Organisation Unit Group Sets that are available below this option, but still on the left side of the event report interface.
    In 2.31.10, we also struggled with this some, but generally a re-sizing down and up of zoom would get us more window space, or at least enough for us to get what we need. In 2.35.1 it seems quite a bit worse.

What’s interesting to me is that I can’t (at least immediately) reproduce these errors in Play on 2.35.1. There, the event report Period window feels statically set to a certain size, irrespective of OUGSets or programs selected.

Has anyone else experienced this, and has anyone had a workaround that could be useful? Thanks!

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@tiha not sure if you’ve experienced this in the past or know of workarounds other than those mentioned?

@Karoline I’m putting this in CoP for now because I can’t replicate in Play. If you’ve seen something like this in the past, however, I’d very much love to steal from your vast wisdom yet again!


Yeah, seems to be an issue with small screens… At 1366x768 I don’t see any of the period selection options on 100%, have to zoom out until about 75% or so.

Seems like another user has also reported this: [DHIS2-9719] - Jira

But you are saying you see this window no matter how much you zoom in or out on the play server?


Hi @Matthew_Boddie ,

Here is another JIRA issue related to the same problem - which seems to currently be in review, so will hopefully be included in the next 2.35 patch release.

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