Percentage symbol

Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to put the percentage symbol (%) in program indicators when displaying them in the pivot table.


Hi @dmbantu

I think this is a duplicate post. Please see solution here:

Hi @Gassim,

I am talking about Program indicators and not normal indicators.


Yes @dmbantu! The other post actually refers to program indicators. Please have a look! Thanks!

The other post talks of creating a percentage formula, but I think this post is specifically about adding the % symbol itself to a pivot table. correct @dmbantu ?

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Hi @Matthew_Boddie,

Yes, it’s about adding % in the pivot table, and I do not know how to do it. Users want to see the symbol there.

Any hints/help are welcome.


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@dmbantu definitely makes sense to me, and we’ve had this discussion as well; looks like this may have been implemented in 2.37; [DHIS2-7420] - Jira

I haven’t tested this, but would be interested in your findings!

UPDATE Just FYI @dmbantu that I’ve now tested and can confirm that in 2.37.8 the % indicator is coming up in “Single Value” but not in “Pivot Tables” objects within the Data Visualizer App. Will keep testing.

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