Calculate percentage with Program Indicators

Hi DHIS2 community!

I’m working on an Event Program and now trying to create program indicators for it. I created a program indicator to count the events and worked perfectly, but I’m trying now to create another program indicator to calculate the percentage of ( number of events) for each OrgUnit in the hierarchy, could you help me to write the percentage function in the expression?! … because I want to create a report in Pivot table to display No of activities (which are events) and the percentage for each one !

I’ll upload a pic of the report that I want to create in pivot table :paperclip:

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Hi Hanin

In order to do this you will need to make 2 seperate program indicators:

1 counting the number of events that meet your criteria (seems you already have)
1 counting the total number of events in your program

Then you can go to the indicators app. You will have to make a percentage type indicator, using these 2 program indicators as your numerator and denominator respectively.