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I´m looking for some experiences implementing DHIS2 in the frame of OneHealth project. According to my reading, CDC in Africa started with the OneHealth approach some years ago. Now, it seems my country, El Salvador, is going to engage in this approach. If any experience on how DHIS2 has helped on this in any of the countries represented here in this nice community, please contact me. I´d appreciate much your notes. I can be contacted here or to my personal email: Thanks!


Hola Ana Maria! It’s great to hear that El Salvador is embracing the One Health approach – and timely too as we have just launched a new website for One Health use cases (see:, as well as a new toolkit that supports the use of DHIS2 for animal health you can see a summary of the resources and links in this COP post). This particular toolkit supports the expansion of DHIS2 already widely used for public health surveillance, to also support surveillance of diseases in animals e.g. through Ministries of Livestock and Agriculture. This is a key step towards facilitating cross-sector information sharing and strengthening the early detection of zoonotic diseases and spillovers from animal to human populations.

Different countries have taken different approaches. I hope colleagues from some of the implementing countries will join the discussion here. We had a few fantastic and relevant presentations at the DHIS2 Annual Conference last week (look for the Animal Health Surveillance session and the Local Innovations for Health: Africa Spotlight sessions) that should be available on our YouTube channel sometime soon:

Also, you may have heard about our emerging work on Climate & Health (see: Recently our colleague @Enzo gave a webinar in Spanish on the new DHIS2 climate app, also available on our YouTube channel). These resources might be helpful if the Ministry is also considering how to bring climate and environmental data into a digital One Health platform.

We look forward to hearing more about El Salvador’s emerging interests and potential use of DHIS2!

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Muchísimas gracias Rebecca por tu detallada respuesta y por todos los enlaces de apoyo!
I´m going to review carefully those links and info shared and will post my notes here when the process start, or if you don´t mind, I´ll reach you out via email if specific questions come up.

Gracias nuevamente! Saludos y que estés bien!