Offering: set up and virtual training for new sys admins and end users

Greetings from LogicalOutcomes DHIS2 team;

We help organizations and individuals configure and maintain cloud-hosted instances of DHIS2.

In addition to set-up, we provide training for new system administrators, and end users, including the new mobile android app.

We work virtually, and promote online approaches to implementation planning, requirements gathering, configuration and training where possible.

Our experience since 2015 includes supporting over a dozen NGOs pilot and scale their DHIS2 instance, in sectors including health, nutrition, education, agriculture and environment.

Our team includes DHIS2 experts from across the globe, working together with a tight knit group of analysts, trainers, and project managers. In addition, we enjoy close working relationships with DHIS2 developers and implementers at HISP Uganda, HISP Geneva, and the University of Oslo. We draw from this network to problem solve with experienced implementers from around the world.

We offer competitive pricing on our virtual DHIS2 services.

Learn more or contact dhis2(@)

Sara Gaudon
DHIS2 Service Lead at LogicalOutcomes