Number of Program Indicators in an instance limit

Does anyone know of limitations in the number of Program Indicators permitted? We are currently using DHIS2 2.39… we may need to create ~11,000 program Indicators! Does DHIS handle that many? Furthermore, we are using the PDAC tool to help in the creation of those indicators (probably 32 at a time). Does PDAC have any limitations either?

Hi @LauraLincks

I remember going through posts in the community that mention large numbers in their implementation such as yours quite a number of times; furthermore, there is no set limitation to how big a DHIS2 project can be as long as the logic, design, and resources are properly implemented.

It’d be interesting to know why a program required this huge number of program indicators and whether there were alternative solutions.

However, regarding limitations, I don’t think there are any limitations in the app itself or DHIS2 but I do expected the limitations to be from the server side configuration or maybe the available resources to the instance.

The PDAC app is built by @plinnegan who is also active in the community and might give us a hint.

@LauraLincks If you are trying to create all 11,000 in a single mapping row in PDAC there could be issues with sending that much metadata to the server in one go. There are some improvements in the works to break the payload into smaller chunks within the app for import, supporting very large import payloads. You have mentioned that you plan on creating 11,000 in smaller chunks though, in which case you should not have an issue.

One thing to note is that the PDAC app loads all the existing generated PIs when it starts up and after new mappings are generated so it has the most up to date information. This process can become slow when there are large numbers of generator. Again I’m working on some improvements in this area but would be interested to hear how you get on with this!

Agreed with Gassim there’s not really a DHIS2 limit if you have the hardware to support it :slight_smile:

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Thanks…No, I think we’ll be creating PIs 390 at a time at most. Good to know about PDAC checking for latest versions of the PIs. In a brief test, it appeared that that’s what it was doing. This is a team effort and I have been in and out of the details of the process we’re moving forward with but will certainly let you know how we fare using PDAC. Thanks for your help!

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