Not all program indicator results show on the dashboard Android/Web

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In the following image, we have data filled in three different events in a repeatable program stage, but on the dashboard, we see only the the result of the program indicator of the current event (shown by green arrow). if we click on the previous events, no results are shown even though they are visible at the moment when the users enter data. Furthermore, we can not see the results (program indicators) corresponding to different events in the same stage in an event report.

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Would you please share what is the selected ‘analytics type’ for these indicators? Could you share the steps to reproduce this on play?

Could you add more details to this please? Is this in the Tracker Capture app or the Event Reports app because the screenshot is different? Did you run maintenance and clear the cache?

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Hi @Gassim,

It’s a tracker program with a repeatable program stage

What I am saying is that we can not view program indicators per tracked entity. i.e If I registered Lucas Cossi as a person and he got different results over time through different events, how to view his first name, last name and the different results he got?

Selected analytics


Hi @dmbantu,

Can you have a look at my post in this thread: Order of data in visualization app - #4 by Karoline and see if any of those solutions could work for you as well?

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