Multiples options are displaying in Widgets

Dear All,
When I open a registered child, the events under the Timeline data entry are empty and even the options in the widgets are showing multiples. What is the cause? Kindly guide me through it.
Snapshot for more clarity.

DHIS version
Build revision:dd8e3fc

Thank you

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Hi Sanjay, I’ve seen this unfortunate bug in 2.29 a few times. Here are some steps to remedy:

  1. Query and save YOUR_URL/api/dataStore/tracker-capture/keyTrackerDashboardDefaultLayout.json to get the JSON objects that determine how and what is displayed.

  2. Remove the duplicated objects/lines from the JSON file

  3. Then you’ll need to POST the JSON settings to EVERY affected user (or just every user). Make your post request to YOUR_URL/api/userSettings/keyTrackerDashboardLayout?user=PUT_EACH_USERNAME_HERE

I would test this with one user first, obviously, and make sure the widgets that you want to be shown are marked “shown”: true in your JSON settings file. Otherwise all of your users will have to indivually select which are shown, and most don’t know how to do that. If you get a tracker layout that is succesful, then you can capture those widget’s settings by going to /api/userSettings/keyTrackerDashboardLayout when logged in as that user. Then that is what you can use to POST to all other userSettings.

It also helps if you let the friendly and wonderful developers at UiO know of this issue by either commenting on or creating a ticket on JIRA

Thank you…

Please let us know how it goes for you @Sangay_Tenzin. I can perhaps write more descriptively if needed. I want to make sure this is useful information for the whole community.

@Chase.freeman, thank you for your kind guidance. I would appreciate if you could elaborate in details to solve the problem.

As a temporary remedy, I deleted the affected user and recreated, it works.