Monitor Child growth

My name is Fabien, i’m working in Laos to setup DHIS2 for an NGO.
We would like to monitor few things with DHIS2, but right now i’m focus on one thing, the child growth.

is there a sample configuration data to monitor child growth in DHIS2 ? with indicators like “Length/height-for-age”, “Weight-for-age” or “Weight-for-length/height” ?

Also, is there is a plugin or an add-on, to see the results based on WHO standards ( ?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Fabien,

We are using this in both mobile and web versions in a use case in Sri Lanka. I assume you are expecting something like the one in image below.

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Yes, exactly.
How are you doing that ?
is it possible to get your configuration data ?
Also, did you setup graphs based on regions/areas ?

Thanks in advance


For this we are using a custom mobile and web app. We are currently using WHO reference values with standard deviations. There is a tracker longitudinal charting web app done by our team sometime back. need to update that in app store.

Hi Pamod,

You mean it’s not a part of DHIS2 at all ? it’s totally custom made ?


@olatitle, @prosper, maybe you have something to add here in regards to the nutrition work in Botswana?

Hi Fabien,
the one we are using is based on DHIS2 of course. But this was design some time back and the we came up with a custom mobile app to display the longitudinal charting. There is a web app produced by one of our team members on longitudinal charting for the purpose of configuring WHO reference values and for displaying the charts.

Dear Karoline and team

Thanks for sharing, as Karoline shared UiO/HISP groups are gathering requirements for a phased implementation of Nutrition and Child growth monitoring tracker for MoHw Botswana mostly to use the new dhis2 android app.

The first phase combines Nutrition monitoring and EPI services all to be captured using dhis2 android (tablets)

Most of the functionality apart from z-scores are support for child registry and routine monitoring. The plan is to have the z-score incorporated in the core dhis2.

We are glad to share with you the progress so far


Dear Prosper,

I would be very interested to see your configuration of DHIS2 for the Child growth monitoring program, and how you are working concretely.
Do you think it would be possible to get an access of your DHIS2 instance to see your setup. (we can see detail by pm)
About the z-score, it’s exactly what we are looking for too, i mean incorporated in the core of DHIS2.
What is you plan ? did you fork the repository and developping by yourself ?

Best regards


Dear @prosper,

i don’t know if you get my previous message but i would be very interested to see how you setup your DHIS2 for Child growth monitoring.

From my side i tried to configure our system, but i’m not i used the best way.

Is it possible to access your instance, or can you share screen shot of your tracker program configuration by private message ?

Thanks in advance

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Dear Fabien,

Sorry for the delayed response and updates on the Nutrition in dhis2. We are not in pilot phase and planning alot in the next week.

I guess before I share the dev link, lets plan to have a skype call and understand exactly what you are looking out for in implementing Nutrition.

My skype ID is prospertb


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