Metadata doesn't sync during metadata sync to another DHIS instance

I am trying to sync the metadata (organisation unit, programs) in a remote instance with a local instance using metadata sync. The local instance is version 2.29 while the remote instance is version 2.31. I have specified the Remote Server URL, username and password on the local instance. I have also scheduled the Metadata Synchronization in the local instance. The synchronisation executed and was marked as completed but the metadata is not showing on the local instance. Please, what could be the issue?

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I noticed that I didn’t Create a Metadata Version on the Remote Instance (Go to Settings > Synchronization > Enable Versioning for Metadata Sync > Select the specific metadata type (ATOMIC or BEST EFFORT) > Click “CREATE NEW VERSION” button). When I click on the Create New Version button, it shows an error message below: Could not create a metadata version. Contact your system administrator. How can this be fixed please?

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@jomutsani Please, I’m looking forward to receiving your help/feedback on this.

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Hi @e4eDHIS2,

Let me tag my friend @Emma_Kassy to have a look at this and advise please.


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Hello @jomutsani and @e4eDHIS2, whatever became of this issue?

Hi everybody,
At WHO we have been working on an application to synchronize metadata (and data) from one to one or multiple other DHIS2 instances containing similar or different metadata.
You can schedule the synchronization to occur automatically at regular time intervals. You can select subsets of data elements (or any other type of metadata) to be sent very easily!

We have just release the latest version, sharing the link to the release in case it helps: MetaData Sync app 2.2.0 now available

It does a bunch of other things like sending data from one DHIS2 instance to another one with different metadata (making all necessary transformations on the fly) or scheduling data synchronizations as well.

Hope it helps!