Making an Enrollment "ACTIVE" after being set to "COMPLETE" or "CANCELLED"

I can see the ability and confirm the API works well to complete and cancel enrollments. My question is if you are able to make an enrollment active, after you’ve set it as either of these two statuses? Thanks for any assistance!

@tiha or @chase.freeman any experience on this?

Hi @Matthew_Boddie,

I can only answer in relation to how it works on the frontend - in the Capture app (2.38 and above), with the enrollment widget, it seems to work well to mark a canceled enrollment as active again.


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Thanks @Karoline yes agree that it is definitely functional to manually make active. We would like to be able to do this in bulk. What I’m lacking is a clear PUT request in the “Headers” section that makes it clear what the suffix should be. For Complete, “completed” functions; for deactivate, “cancelled” functions, however I can’t seem to guess at/leave blank the last section to make things active. I was hoping the console would illuminate what the request is that is taking the action, but I can’t seem to find it! Feel like its right there somewhere!

@Gassim ever seen a solution to something like this?

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@Matthew_Boddie thanks! it does sound like I’ve passed by some posts discussing this but can’t remember so I’d need to use the search first. I might be able to experiment with the API too. I will let you know if I find something :smiley:

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Not sure if you’re still wondering about this, but I have in my notes:
/api/33/enrollments//active - DID NOT WORK.

What did work was:

  1. Query all enrollments that are closed (&programStatus=COMPLETED)
  2. Replace status with ACTIVE
  3. Post to api/enrollments
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