Maintenance app has no menues/option in out-of-the-box system (40.1.0)

Hello all and sorry for this “probably-my-bad question”: I have a completely fresh install downloaded from

When I log in as admin (role superuser as it comes out of the box), everything seems sane, but the Maintenance app has nothing (just like described in this case). I am told even a fresh install should have a functional Maintenance app - but maybe I miss something really obvious?

/I have no access to the server itself btw) A picture of what i see in the Maintenance app … not much

I have refreshed browser and used the same browser for course-databases. Also other apps seem to work …

Thanks for your time!

Hi @gutorm

Welcome to the community! It appears that this happens when the user doesn’t have the required metadata authorities in any of the roles attributed to the account. To fix this, the all the related metadata authorities in the user’s role need to be selected. For instance, if SQL View user authority is selected then after that the user will be able to see the SQL View in the Maintenance app:

Please double check the authorities in the roles in the user. If all the related metadata authorities are selected yet the maintenance app still appears blank, please try using the Guest mode in your browser Browse Chrome as a guest - Computer - Google Chrome Help

I hope this helps! Thanks!

Thanks @Gassim , maybe I was not clear enough in my question (I will try to edit it …):

I am logged in as admin/superuser - do I need to do something special there? For example, wrt to the SQL rights current settings are:

Please excuse me if I have overseen something really obvious: I just expected admin to be able to start configuring on first login. We might very well have forgotten something during install - but I am told the install instructions were followed.

To turn the question around - Has anyone used with an out-of-the-box empty database? I could not see this as a bug fixed in 2.40.2.

Hi @gutorm

I’m really not sure why this would happen in a fresh installation… here’s a screenshot I just took of an out-of-the-box 2.40.1 and it’s all looking good:

Are you using all the compatible versions (OS, Tomcat, Java…etc)? What browser are you using? Could you try to install it again – maybe something went wrong during the installation?

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Thanks @Gassim . I am using Chrome - same browser I have used for online courses. Maintenance App is the one that does not work - most others do. We have done nothing more that described in the installation guide but if that is enough I guess we will have to reinstall. Good to know that it SHOULD work.

I am so new-and-fresh I dont even know how to get the User Profile image - so debugging is hard.
We could try to reinstall, maybe the newest version.

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Thank you! I hope it works. I’d highly recommend to make sure that the Chrome browser is the lastest version as well, and just in case, please try using another browser such as Firefox (only for testing).

I once was facing an issue. Thought my Chrome was up to date, and then I tested on Firefox and it turned out things were alright so after that I forced an update on Chrome by going to settings → About Chrome which helped resolve the issue I was facing.

Just wanted to update you guys: My problem turns out to be due to the name of our server. It contains the string ‘api’ in it and this confuses the maintenance app - probably in all versions. It will be fixed (it still exists in 40.2)

Sorry for your time, this is not likely to hit others for a while …
Have a great day/weekend!

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Sorry for the problems there @gutorm. We’re looking into a fix for future releases. The work is tracked here: [DHIS2-16237] - Jira


Thank you for the update! Others might not hit this for a while and because you’ve reported this they’ll probably won’t after it’s fixed so thanks! This is helpful to know that this could be one of the things to check when encountering an issue.

Thanks @tzemp for the Jira ticket and the update! :slight_smile: