Live Online Q&A on DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance - Thursday 19 March, 12-13:00 GMT

Do you have questions or feedback on the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Tracker? Join expert DHIS2 implementers and developers on the Community of Practice during a live online Question and Answer event (Thursday, 19 March, 12-13:00 GMT) to get an immediate and personal response.

This will also be a great opportunity to connect with others in the DHIS2 community who are working on COVID-19 projects, and share ideas and best practices with each other.

The Q&A will take place in written format in a dedicated discussion thread. We will create and share this thread before the event begins, and it will remain accessible afterward so that everyone can read the questions and responses and continue to add to the discussion.

For those who are unable to join us during this time, we would still like to answer your questions! You are welcome to post questions, comments, issues, or details of your work at any time on the COVID-19 channel of the CoP:

RSVP is not required. But if you follow DHIS2 on Facebook, we encourage you to sign up for the event there and share it with any colleagues or contacts who may also be interested: Live Q&A on DHIS2 Covid-19 Surveillance

We hope to see many of you online during this event!