Line list from the Line List App does not display in dashboard (v


I am working on a dashboard and need to display a line list created from the Line List App.

It shows nothing (just blank), without any error message.
However, when I select the option to open it the Line List app, the data displays correctly.

Screenshot from 2024-06-13 15-40-01

I’ve tried clearing cache, but problem still persist

Hello, I hope you are well. Did you solve it? I’m facing the same problem

not yet, I’m still wrapping my head around it.

What version of DHIS2 are you running on?

I’m also facing the issue

-Tried clearing browser cache
-Checked dashboard permissions
-Made sure widget settings are not hiding data on dashboard view

still doesn’t work

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What version of DHIS2 are you running on?

im using
i also tested on the latest version 2.41 on DHIS2 play : Login app | DHIS2

and older version on 2.40.1
still blank, however they do show when you open them from the Line list app

it was 2.40.0 after the issue I updated to 40.3 but still same

Seems to be a bug in 2.40.0. and onward.

I have gone forward to create a bug report on Jira here for the dev team to have a look into it.

Warm regards,

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Thanks Clement, hopefully they resolve it soon

The issue has been resolved for 2.40.1
Line Listing App has been updated to 101.0.6

Thanks for the sharing your solution.
Yes, I was having a lower version (101.0.5). But after upgrading to 101.0.6, the problem persist.

Was there something else you did? @John_Marks

Hi All

We have also been experiencing the same issue. I added our comment and replication of the issue to the JIRA ([DHIS2-17580] - Jira) issue here.

We are running v2.40.3 with Line list 101.0.5. I replicated the issue in Play (v2.40.3.2).

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Hi All

It seems that this problem has been resolved with an update of the Line List app. We updated to line list app v101.1.0 on v2.40.3 of DHIS2 and it has resolved this issue of displaying the line lists on the dashboard.

@Quoda @John_Marks @Kutaiba_Alaaddin