Learn from the App Competition winner of 2024: EyeSeeTea will share their insights in the next Developer Meetup

Hi Developers!

It’s time for another Developer Meetup, which is happening 2024-07-11T09:00:00Z (localized to your timezone).

This time, EyeSeeTea will present their apps, ecosystem and challenges. Among the apps is the App Comepetion Winner of 2024: Metadata Sync

This is what EyeSeeTea have said to present:

EyeSeeTea will be discussing the development of some of their DHIS2 Suite tools, including Metadata Sync, the winner of this year’s app competition. We’d like to present some of the development challenges we have encountered and how (and if) we have managed to do it, focusing on the architecture and common tech for all of our apps

Recording here:


Thanks @Rene!

We are so looking forward to it!


Hi Miquel from @eyeseetea,

Thanks for having us in the Meetup. I’m uploading the presentation so you can check it again or find the links we shared during the meeting
DHIS2 Suite - UiO_DHIS2 July Webinar.pdf (4.5 MB)

We’ll be more than happy to hear from you all if you have any follow up from that.

You can ask questions here or mention @eyeseetea in the community if you have comments about the presentation our apps.



Recording has been uploaded!


Thanks so much, @Rene!

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