LAB result notification through SMS for COVID19 suspects

Dear All experts

We are sending SMS to notify LAB result to the COVID19 Suspect cases. We are using program stage notification to do that. We facing three challenges and need urgent help from community. We are using DHIS2 33.3

  1. We cannot see which SMS are sent and which have issues; the tomcat log and dhis log have some indication. Is there any way to see that.
  2. Is there any way to send these SMS in Batch? There is a option for program notification in the scheduler but not for program stage notification.
  3. Earlier I posted in the community; the date format in the SMS is yyyy-mm-dd; whereas our system setting is dd-mm-yyyy and we want the SMS that way.

Need your kind attention.

Hi @Hannan.

  1. I think that the most accurate way of checking this would be checking and setting your gateway for a delivery confirmation. Does yours allow to set that option?
  2. May I ask you why would you be willing to send them in batch? Do you want to to send them specifically at some time (let’s say in the morning)? I am not sure not sure if this can be set in DHIS2 but your gateway might have that option too.

Tagging two people who know a lot more about this to see if they can help: @Jaime & @zubair

Thanks @jaime.

  1. Yes that is an option; but that list can only request by one person only and that also contains the SMS confirmation of other systems (DHIS2, HRIS, Grievance System) and as well. If there is some sort of list is to check whether all cases are informed or anyone missed; we have to ensure that every result are notified go the suspect case.
  2. Sending in Batch is for convenience of message; many time the result are entered in the middle of the night or early morning shift. So we want to send preferable time so that the message can get proper attention and can be use in the facility for decision. So we asked to send at 10am, 12PM, 2PM till 10 PM. Our Gateway readily don’t have this option for DHIS2 COVID only.

Please explore if this is possible to have this options now.

Kind regards