JDK 11 now recommended for DHIS 2.35 and later

Hi sysadmins,

Regarding Java, JDK 11 is now the recommended version for DHIS version 2.35 and later.

We have seen significant performance improvements when running DHIS 2.35 and later on JDK 11. At the same time we have used JDK 11 in internal testing for long enough to be confident it is working well. Based on this we recommend implementations to use JDK 11 for DHIS 2.35 and later.

Note that DHIS 2.35 is still fully compatible with JDK 8, so you are not required to upgrade JDK version at this point. We will migrate away from JDK 8 at some point so we recommend that you start planning for the upgrade.

A general recommendation is to use an OpenJDK implementation of Java due to the liberal licensing terms.

To summarize:

  • For DHIS 2 version 2.35 version and later, JDK 11 is recommended and JDK 8 or later is required.
  • For DHIS 2 versions older than 2.35, JDK 8 is required.

The installation guide has been updated to reflect the change.




Does this include for Windows installations?

@Lars and all, would be curious to hear general (good and bad!) experiences on servers upgrading to JDK 11 in 2.35, if they exist. We are going to be looking at this upgrade soon, and would love to have as much context as we can before we dig in. Thanks!

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