Issue with Events Report app selected data items

Dear Team,

I am facing the issue not sure if its a bug:

There is a favorite with filters and a set period type.


  1. Open the event report
  2. Open the favorite change the period type and click on update

The issue:

It will change to default without the setting to filters. (All settings of the favorites are changed)

This becomes a tedious task to rearrange everyting.This should not happen.
The version is 2.35.6

Kindly assist.

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I tried but it’s working and the filters remain unchanged, would you please take screenshots? Thank you! (:

The favorite is stored with selction of major and minor surgery only.

Now when i clicked on period type and chaged the period type. to last 3 months and updated. I see this

All my data filter selections are changed .

Hi @Consultant,
Thank you for sharing the screenshots. Would you like to create a Jira feature request for this? Thank you!

Any update on this issue?

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I recommend that you update to 2.35.8 as when I test it on instance, this issue doesn’t happen so this has been resolved.

For update instructions please read the docs:

Hi Gassim.

I tried to do on 2.35.8 as mentioned by you and I still see the same issue.


Hi @Consultant,

I am sorry you are still facing this issue. As Gassim pointed out, we are not able to reproduce the issue so we can not find the cause of it.

Can you please provide steps and screenshots to reproduce the issue on

Thanks very much.

@Scott and @Gassim we deal with things like this in event reports all the time. Basically once an event report is saved, if you reload the report, it will lose the details of the DEs that are selected in the pillbox “Selected data items” Both the names and the filters (if any existed) will not exist. The data itself, upon load, will still function alright. Once you do any update at all, however, the DEs and their filters go away. Is an event report in Play
Here’s a GIF of what happens when you load it, toggle on/off a period, and press update (DE columns get removed, filter stops filtering):
Saved Event Reports not saving DE Selections or Filters

This is happening in both 2.35.8 and 2.36.4, and I haven’t tested but assuming also in 2.37.0

You are right! I was creating new reports rather than testing on a saved report, but it turns out that it has nothing to do with “changing the period” as much as the data items becoming an unusable and once we click on “update” they are gone.
And this is how they appear (without values, names…etc):

I will report this, but I thought I’d like to ask if you’d like to create a Jira bug issue for this? @Consultant @Matthew_Boddie


I don’t believe I have @Gassim but would definitely support one being created!

I see a few issues here. One is that some of the favorites in the demo database are dated, so they seem to be lacking a few things when they are returned from the api. The other is that the app does not seem to be able to restore duplicated data elements / conditions. Not sure why, but it stopped working at some point, have not checked whether it’s a backend or a frontend issue.

We are working hard on getting the new ER app (line lists) ready for 2.38. We don’t have resources to patch up the old app right now unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hmmm, I wouldn’t necessarily mark this as a ‘solution’ :upside_down_face:

We have hundreds of Event Reports (using the pivot option, not as line listings) with complex filter conditions that get blatted every time we open them to edit or copy. Manually re-filling in the conditions to make a single change is a pain, and users are complaining.

We have updated our 2.36.x instance to the latest patch (.12), which didn’t really help. The option to upgrade to 2.38.x is on hold until we resolve other issues we’ve reported over the last week.

I’m looking around the forum to see if this problem has subsequently been resolved in 2.37.x or 2.37.8


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@djhag I can say that in 2.37.8 while testing, I can confirm that this experience has not changed.