Issue loading metadata

Thanks Philip for your reply.

The problem im facing is with the tracker capture not loading the metadata. Earlier i was facing the same issue with DHIS2 app not connecting and the resolution for that was adding #relaxedQueryChars="[]" in the server.xml file.

But this isnt the case with v2.31.1 as this is also not working while loading the metadata. I’ll try with clearing up the cache and if the problem still persist will request for your support.

Otherwise im looking forward for 2.31.2 version in which you might want to consider this issue too…



Hello Marta,

I’m also trying with the demo data but something is not getting to connect for tracker capture and due to which the app is also not connecting to the server.

I’m trying some other ways to resolve the issue. If i get through will update the results to everyone.

Thanks Again.


Hi there @usfreak13 - for investingating the issue on the web it would be great if you could attach a screenshot of the output that you see in your browser javascript console after deleting the cache and opening tracker capture again.


Hello Markus,

Following is the error which im receiving on the Tracker Capture after deleting the cache and reopening the system.

See if you can help understand the reason for the same.



Thanks - if you go back to this screen and press Control+Shift+J
…then you will see the console output and any errors that occurred.


Dear Markus,

Please find attached screenshot for your reference. Please let know the corrective actions for to get it resolved.




Could @usfreak13 be having the same issue as in this topic? Can't open existing program for editing

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Hi again - as far as I understand @usfreak13, he already applied the solution to 2.29 bug in trcaker capture, and it worked until upgrading to 2.31.1

  • If the config values is still allowing the [] characters this might not be the problem.

There is another possible problem as I see you are on windows, and presumably use tomcat 8 or newer. Check the solution on this thread: Tracker capture app not loading dhis2 version 2.30

If this does not solve your issue, we need some more detail. If you can try reloading the tracker while keeping the browsers development tools “network” page open, the network calls and responses will be recorded in full detail. If you send all the detail on the response and error messages for the failing network calls this will help us dig deeper.


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