Is there any settings to provide access only the data entered by that user not others

Hello Community,

Is there any settings or workarounds by which we can allow users to see the data they entered (even under the org unit they have access to)

Scenario: There will be multiple users from different partners under org unit X. But data is sensitive across users and want to hide one partner’s data from others.

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Hi @jthomas

I immediately remembered a post by @dmaritim. It sounds similar to me, please have a look and let me know if it’s helpful: How can I restrict Users from accessing data belong to another partner?

If it’s not exactly the same, would you please explain further?

Additionally, even though the following post is a different question, I think if the previous suggestion doesn’t work then please have a look at the last two posts by @jason here:

So in your case, you’d not only restrict the editing but also the viewing.


Is this aggregate data ?

I thought that

  • the attribute category combo attached to data values was the way to go
  • then configuring the sharing settings to match your access right rules.

@Gassim I remember a dhis2 “online” symposium where there was something like that presented but I don’t if we can find slides/recordings of it.

I think

  • the “result vs target” of this dataset and
  • the project in the epistock is what describe perhaps better what @jthomas want to achieve ? (but the drop down is empty on play)
  • or the implementing partner in the “art monthly summary”

Note I think one of my colleague @Thomas_Warichet configured that on a tracker program (multiple ONG working within a program but not seeing each other events)



Thanks @Gassim @Stephan_Mestach for this.

I agree it works for datasets,but is there something we can do for events and tracker also without category option approach.

I don’t think so. Dhis2 doesn’t offer “dynamic” access rules (ex based on a data element value).
If you want to the api to enforce the rule that’s how it’s supposed to be implemented
On play I found this program with an implementing partner category combo

Hi there,

There is no such functionality, although it will be really useful to get user based enrollments\events.
I believe it could be done by making an option on the program creating\properties page, so based on which the organisation data could be accessed based on the user.