How can I restrict Users from accessing data belong to another partner?

I have an Implementation of DHIS2 where data is collected in the following use case. The data is entered in to the dataset with the following:
Where: - OrgUnits
When : Periods
What : dataset (datalements)
WHO: Partner(s) -

I have users associated with the partner. And, therefore, I would like to have users associated to partner to see the relevant list of partner(s) only. Also, these users should also be able to access only their own data in the Analytics.

Hi @dmaritim

The Partner will be a category combination that is assigned to the dataset, and in the category which is added to the category combination there will be options (list of partners), so to control the sharing access so that these options are only viewable/editable by only certain users, the change needs to be at that level (options).

First, go to the options you created in the Maintenance app and then in the settings of each option select Sharing settings and add only the groups that should have access to the data (either to capture and view or to view only).

I hope this helps. Thanks!