Is there a way to display an image captured in event or tracker program on dashboard?

Hello Everyone,
I created a data element in event tracker with type image and have uploaded that image to the data element.
I would like to display that data element on the dashboard.
Is there a way to do this?
Thank you.

Any help or info with this please?

Hey @ifeanyiokoye - do you mean display in the dashboards app? Or do you want to display in either the program or TEI dashboard inside tracker?


Dear @Markus to display in the dashboard app. My apologies for not making this clear.

Dear @Markus, just bringing this up again. Thank you

Hi, following this as well - if either the image itself, or a thumbnail, or a link, or the file name could be shown in analytics (event reports and then in the dashboard - seems like it shows a UID so you can see that a file has been uploaded)

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Thanks @Natalie_Tibbels for following up. Still waiting for a response


Hey there @Natalie_Tibbels and @ifeanyiokoye, sorry for the slow response.

Unfortunately there is not a way to display images from data elements or tracked entity attributes in the dashboards app. As the event reports functionality is being redesigned these days, the use case would be interesting to document for the ongoing process. Could you add some details on your use cases in this thread?

We would love to document which user roles that would use the image(lists?), and what they would use it for/how it would help them.

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