Data Entry freeze cant pick OU


Apologies if answer to this is obvious. Just starting out assessing DHIS, interested in data entry capabilities.

Have created a few data elements in data set in Organizational Unit then logged in as user and tried to do Data Entry. As per screenshot it just sits there as though will populate left hand OU dialog but never does (Firefox v88).

Couldn’t see anything obvious on console errors. Saw another post about wiping cookies and tried that but didnt resolve it.

Is this a known issue? Whats best way to resolve?

Also does DHIS have any ability to allow images to be used data input eg mark on body diagram location in injuries? Saw this : Is there a way to display an image captured in event or tracker program on dashboard? - #4 by ifeanyiokoye however seems not possible?

Any help much appreciated,



Hi @AlexW,
Have you tried this with another browser, preferably Google Chrome?

@ifeanyiokoye Thanks for getting back to me, yes that did work! :smile: Wasnt aware had to run DHIS on Chrome?
Many thanks for your help,

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