Is it possible to hide 'Enrollement Data'?

Hi team,

Every tracker implementations comes with enrolment data (Enrollment date, Incident date, Enrolling OU) that also needs to be completed by the user.
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In a situation where we do not want users to interact with this section or make any changes to it, is it possible to hide this section or all data elements in this section?


Hi @Quoda

That’s an interesting question. I think by default because of the regular use cases this is actually not an option since usually the data entry clerk who handles the stages (at least the first stage) will most likely be the one to enroll the TEIs.

Could you explain more about the use case? As I understand that the TEIs are not enrolled by the same person who enters info in the program stages?

Selecting the OU is mandatory during creation of a new tracked entity instance; additionally, all the info needs to exist during enrollment so I’m not sure how and why it’d be possible to hide it.

If you could explain the use case in a scenario where this would be necessary so that we could check what could be a feature request or if there’s a workaround.


Hi @Gassim ,

Thanks for the quick response.

I understand that selecting an OU is mandatory for data entry in DHIS2. However, there are instances where a user is assigned to only one org unit for entries (without any access to lower levels). In this case, the enrolment form opens with this OU preselected, and enrollment date also comes auto-populated. In this case the user does not need to (or cannot) make any changes to the Enrollment data.
In such a situation, I think it will be useful if there could be an option to completely hide this section from the entry clerk as it makes the form longer for the user when this section has no use to the entry clerk in this case.


Thanks! So this situation is in the android Capture app, not the web Capture app, or both?

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For this implementation, I’m focused on user experience on the android capture app. If we could have this setting included in the android-settings app.

Thank you

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thanks @Gassim !

Hi @Quoda,

You can decide not to use the Incident date when you configure the program. For the others… yes, we pre-populate them to ease data entry, but they are not hidden.

Can I ask you to create a jira issue (Feature) explaining your use case??


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Hi @marta

I have gone forward to create a Jira issue for the feature request here.