Introducing all-new DHIS2 assistants for Visualizer, Maps, and more!

Hi all,

Last year on April 1, we introduced Pivvy, a groundbreaking tool that entirely changed the way people used DHIS2.

Now Pivvy is joined by a family of new assistants that can help you with practically any DHIS2 task!

Watch our informative video here:

Coming soon to a DHIS2 installation near you!

β€” the Pivvy and Friends team


All credit goes to @ben for the above creations!

Great stuff @ben! This will solve all our challenges with remote support that we are facing these days!

Seriously, has Pivvy been active all this while?

@ifeanyiokoye no, this is just a bit of a prank, but we have been more seriously thinking about it. :wink:

fools day prank

Ah! Nice one! @ben @phil! Forgot today was April 1

Well done @ben & @phil :rofl:

Thank you all! On behalf of Pivvy and friends, I can say that we’re happy to entertain!

(And thanks to @phil for promoting!)

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