Introduce yourself

Hi everyone,

I am Andrew Mzembe, I am from Malawi. I am currently not using DHIS2, however I am interested in this magnificent Information System to position myself for the projects requiring DHIS2 system knowledge.

I look forward to learning from all of you.


My Name is Daniel Girma from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I am currently working with an international NGO as MEAL manager and had an opportunity to work on DHIS2 for more than 5 years on Data entry and visualization but for the last 5 months I have been working on managing and designing of DHIS2 for my current organization including designing of data entry forms, creating and providing user account for staffs, etc.



I am Joy, and it is my pleasure to be a part of this community. My primary objective here is to enhance my understanding of DHIS2 installation procedures, its integration capabilities with existing systems for advanced analytics, and the deployment of capture applications for routine data collection within the projects undertaken by our organization.

I look forward to actively participate and glean valuable insights from the diverse expertise present within this community.

Warm regards,


I am Muhammad Auwal from Nigeria. I am M&E Data Analyst and I have been managing DHIS2 database of different projects. I look forward to learning and sharing ideas with you.


Goodluck Ikwudiuto Emereonye is my name.
I’ve used DHIS in a few organizations where I went for data analysis. I’m happy to be part of this community.

Apart from DHIS, I use:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Excel and
  • SPSS
    for analysis, but I find DHIS very interesting and seamlessly intuitive.

Hi Everyone,

I am Pachalo, currently based in Lilongwe, Malawi. I am interested in supporting public health initiatives in my area with ICT. I don’t have experience with the DHIS2 system and am looking forward to learning more from this community and becoming an expert.




Hello everyone.I’m Therence Nshimirimana, from Burundi. I am working in Burundian Red Cross as Monitoring and Evaluation Expert. So I’m also very pleased to joinDHIS2 communities and I really need to know a lot about DHIS2 by studies.


Bula Apolosi,
I thought I would say hi. My name is Michael Buttsworth and I support several countries in the Pacific with their DHIS2 implementations on behalf of the University of Oslo. I am based in Australia and occasionally get to Fiji with some of my other work. But if you ever needed any assistance or had any questions regarding DHIS2, please feel free to get in contact.
Kind regards,


Bonjour à tous. Je suis Rodrigue MEYI BOUYAGHAN .Je suis à Libreville au Gabon. Je suis Ingénieur de Technique Statistiques chargé du suivi & Evaluation du Programme VIH. Je suis membre de l’équipe de la coordination technique de l’implémentation du DHIS-2. Grace à un financement du fonds Mondial(GC7), mon pays a débuté le processus d’implémentation du DHIS-2.Je fais parti de cette équipe qui conduit le processus. Je travaille au Ministère de la Santé. Je suis heureux d’intégrer l’équipe DHIS-2.
J’aime voyager et visiter les autres pays et partager les expériences dans le cadre professionnel .

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I am Atiku Okuonziga Rahman based in Yumbe District of Uganda. I am a teacher serving as Assistant District Education Officer and EMIS data focal person. I got involved with DHIS2 through Aga Khan Foundation when I was invited for consultations on how DHIS2 can be rolled to schools under their project Foundations for Learning to track different indicators. I am additionally the focal person for the project targeting 100 public primary schools that have data quality issues.

I appreciate being part of this community to learn, share and bench mark

Thank you


This is Wubishet from MoH Ethiopia.
Am delighted to join the club!!


My name is Shola, I volunteer for a Non-governmental organization that is focused on promoting vaccine acceptance and combating hesitancy in Nigeria. I work in the role of a data analyst and monitoring and evaluation officer. I am glad to be growing in my mastery of DHIS2 and I hope to connect and learn from experts in the community.

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Hi everyone!

I am Bruno Raimbault. I joined the analytics frontend team at UiO about a month ago and am working on the maps app!

I have been a DHIS2 user, implementer, and custom features developer for years with NGOs, and I have also contributed to environmental health research. My expertise is in spatial analysis.

Feel free to contact me in English, French or Spanish.
Also, get in touch if you are based in or visiting Barcelona. I would be happy to meet if we can align our schedules!

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Hi Toko from Uganda, I’m MEAL Specialist. User of DHIS2 sytem for Health information management.
Tietter (X):@IjagaonM

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I am Thaoussi Uwera. I am based in Kigali, Rwanda. I work with the University of Rwanda in the health informatics department, and I am currently a PhD student at the University of Bergen. My research is about to support the uptake and use of the DHIS 2 immunization tracker in Rwanda.

My interest is DHIS implementation research

I love traveling, making new friends, and discovering other people’s cultures

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Hello, My name is Ibitoye Segun Emmanuel from Nigeria I work in an NGO. I have 3 co-authored abstracts accepted for this conference.

  1. DHIS2 Event Tracker application to Improve Modern Contraceptive Continuation for Family Planning program in Nigeria
  2. DHIS2 mobile program data capture tool for cost-effective, high-quality client-level data management of family planning program in Primary Healthcare facilities in Nigeria
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  1. Use of DHIS2 to improve Demand generation for Family Planning Service among Young Married Adolescent Girls in Northern Nigeria
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Thank you @Rene. Looking forward to collaborate. :handshake:

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