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Hello everyone!!! :slightly_smiling_face:
I am Ishmael. Ishmael Banda, From Lilongwe,Malawi. First time to interact with DHIS2 was in 2018 while i was working with Ministry of Health . My specifics were entry of Data and production of reports for making informed decisionsā€¦ I am looking forward to meet and greet through different discussions that are to occur, I am eager to learn new and old skills.
Thank you.


Welcome to the community @Sandile_Ndlovu, @Yale509, @MTMUHAMMED, @Ishmael! :tada:

Thank you so much for the introductionsā€¦ :slight_smile:

Hello team! My names are Gilbert Mufungwe, I am a Clinician by profession with key interest in Information Use, Trained in Dhis2 Fundamentals, am working in the ministry of health. Got involved with dhis2 when i was made as an Assisted District Health Information Officer in 2021.
am found on twitter @gilbertmufungwe and facebook at Gylbert Mufungwe


Hi everybody,

Am Robert Balama from the Ministry of Health-National TB and Leprosy Tanzania, Am an expert in Data Management and among DHIS 2 ETL T.O.T


Hi! I am Georgia Thelma Wilson Sloanā€¦ I am a Liberia, living and working in Liberia. I am the Medical Data Processing officer for my Organization MSF France, a medical NGO.

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