Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response Android App

Hello Everyone, Again, My name is Vincent Minde, I am the Lead Software Developer at the University of Dar-es-salaam ( ).

You should join me while I demo a Flutter App used for Tanzania’s eIDSR(Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response) on Thursday 23 June, 12:15 Oslo time zone. For a better background of where eIDSR fits please check a brief introduction here.


The following are the underlying features for the app:

  • Immediate reporting of diseases that need attention
  • Immediate Notifications to reported diseases that have been reported and need attention.
  • Weekly report IDSR reportable diseases.
  • Summary of reported diseases in a particular area
  • Offline Support
    • Metadata Synchronization
    • Data Synchronization
  • App locking to safeguard sensitive data

And for those geeks out there. Under the hood, the app uses an SDK for flutter to send and receive data via the DHIS2 API. For more details about the API, feel free to check this out.

Simple Architecture: