Indicators having dataset metrics type in denominator doesnt work in 2.36.9

Hello Team,

Indicators having dataset metrics type (Expected) in denominator doesnt work in 2.36.9 (5235548),

To reproduce create an indicator with data expected report in denominator, in this example in play i used poputation : R{aLpVgfXiz0f.EXPECTED_REPORTS}

Please could you advise,

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Hi @Guy_Ekani,
Thank you! Yes, I can reproduce this issue, would you like to create a bug issue on Thank you!

Thank you @Gassim here is the ticket : Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA


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Thank you Guy! I voted , thanks! I also added CoP to labels and a link to this topic in the comments. :+1:

p.s. bug hunters are mentioned in the #copmonthly :clap:

@Gassim please while waiting for an update, is there another way to get the number of expected report in denominators ?

Sorry @Guy_Ekani! I am triaging the bug issue; however, Did you try using the Maps app? :slight_smile:

Most of our outputs are in tables and graphs, seems to works for single value and maps

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Thank you @phil,

But we still have issues with outputs (graph and table) when period is set as category and indicators having dataset metrics type in denominators.

Please could you advise ?


Play 2.36.10 : DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone

Play 2.35.13 : DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone

Here is the description: Indicators having dataset metrics type in denominator doesnt work in 2.36.9

Here is the Jira : Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA

Thank you for your post! I’m sorry I had to move your post from the announcement because the patch is a security hotfix. If you clicked ‘watch’ in the Jira issue, you will receive notifications for any updates.


@Guy_Ekani, core team experts have been looking at this issue and the final recommendation is to update to the ~latest build of your version because it is working fine~[sorry, see Phil’s post below, thanks!]. Please see this jira bug issue for more details: Indicators with reporting rates in expression not working with OU dimension as filter

Thanks! 👍
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Just to be clear @Guy_Ekani @Gassim, this problem exist in the latest stable release. It is resolved for the next maintenance release. The only way to get the fix immediately is to take what we call a Canary build (nightly build of the development version) - we don’t recommend using Canary build for your production version unless you perform thorough regression testing yourself.


Thank you for your advice @phil, we are waiting for the stable build that will include this fix.

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