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Dear Team,
Firstly am glad to be a part of DHIS2 team,
This is Betelhem Simachew ,I have one solid question,I want to do analysis from our system.Could it be possible to do?By what mechanism did I did this ??
In case can it works if we link with another survey application like SPSS

Thanks ,
Betelhem Simachew

Dear @Betelhem_simachew,
Welcome and thank you for joining the DHIS2 community! :pray:
Your question is good as DHIS2 analytics and data management is a core and distinguished feature in the platform used by implementations around the world.

The DHIS2 software platform includes a number of built-in features and tools to support data analysis and data management — both individually and in teams through social analytics features — and can be further extended with additional applications via the App Hub, including the Data Quality Tool, developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization. DHIS2 also offers options for exporting your data for further analysis in external platforms.

Please see Analytics & Data Management dhis2 analytics site.

& feel free to post back to the community with further questions that you might have about a specific feature, tool, or resource. Thanks! :+1:

Thanks , How to translate the data set to do analisis and also am facing problem to generate the report from the system it says "no data to display"but thier is data .

Th eversion of the system is 2.29


You may need to run the analytics manually.


Good morning.
Please which tool are you using for your analysis? Data Visualizer, Pivot Table etc.

Follow these steps to start. (This only works if you have entered data)

  1. Click on either Data Visualizer or Pivot Table

  2. You will have to complete 3 steps to see your data
    A. Select the Data Type ( Indicator, Data Element or Data Set). After this, double click on data items you would want to include in your analysis. This will move the data from available panel to selected panel. See attached

    B. Select Period. (Make sure the period selected is within the periods you have entered data else you will not see any data. Eg: January - March 2021, April - June 2021 etc )

C. Select the Organisation Unit (Include org. units you have entered data for. Again, if not, data will not be seen. Though not restricted, you can add organisation units without data. In such a case, data will be seen for only org. units with data and empty for org. units without data in your analysis.

When you have completed the above actions, click on Update button.

NB: if these does not help, check to make sure that the Logged In user has the selected Org. Units checked under Data output and analytic organisation units from the User app

I hope this guide helps.


Thanks ,but I do the same step as you menstioned and I tested inEvent report ,but still this error happened .


Sure I will.

please the country code to the numbers.

I think here you are missing important step to visualize data on your dashboard,
that is to create ** Analytics tables** that is done by clicking data administration icon then go on analytics then generate analytics tables, by then I am sure if you go back on data visualizer app and select org unit an data and period where you are sure data are available, your data will be visualized,

I hope this will help you



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Good evening Team,
I was testing and updating Analytic table but their is no any report generated .please support me since It is very urjent .

in case the version is 2.29 .


As discussed last time please communicate legese or seid . You can go their office.If you want i can facilitate

Dear @Betelhem,
If you are on Tracker Program, would you check the ‘Tracked Entity Type’ you selected for generating or getting the analytic reports.

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Thanks Dejenie and Chala for your suport ,I will do aas per your recommendation

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