India Tracker Configuration - Level 1 2020 - Discussions and Questions

This thread is for discussion, questions, and comments from the DHIS2 Tracker Level 1 configuration academy hosted online by HISP India. All participants and facilitators are encouraged to introduce themselves!

A bit about myself:
I have a background in Public Health, Health Informatics and Adult Education. I work for the University of Oslo based in Canada. I support the development of learning content, standard configuration packages and implement tracker projects in the Pacific Islands. Due to the time difference, I will be providing background support to the team in India who is leading the instruction and training. Looking forward to working with you all over the next 2 weeks!

Do you have questions about the content from this training? Is there a Tracker project that you would like help with? Add a comment below! (If you have a question for a specific person, tag them with @ and their user name.)

My name is Arafat Hussein, working in WHO Yemen as information management officer, I work mainly with aggregate data with some pilot tracker programs for nutrition and wish to explore tracker more mainly for COVID19 case based tracker.

Hi, My name is Jayathri Wijayarathne. I’m from Ministry of Health Sri Lanka. I’m currently involved in some DHIS2 based programmes (aggregate) run for public health. I would like to know more about the tracker, so we can explore more about using tracker for individual level data collection. Thank you!

Hi, I’m Shady Rashwan the focal point of DHIS2 implementations in WHO (Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office). I’ve previous experience implementing the aggregate data collection of Core & SDGs health indicators as well as Covid19 alerts (events based).
Looking forward to strengthening my Tracker skills.

Hi. My name is Nusrat Mirza. An MBA, I have over 15 years of IT experience in a multinational company and in electronic payment system both in the UK and Bangladesh. I have been wanting to help the healthcare sector especially in Bangladesh from an IT angle and am looking forward to implementing a Covid-19 Tracker system soon. The aim is to go beyond Covid-19 and implement a full fledged DHIS2 system for this sector for a more efficient decision making tool that would help people.

Hi, my name is Fhebie Dioayan from the USAID-RTI Family Planning / Maternal & Neonatal Health Innovations and Capacity Building Platform (ReachHealth) Project in the Philippines. I would like to learn more about the tracker model in order to support in the customization and maintenance of the system for the project’s data management needs (aggregate and event programs).

Hi, Everyone! I’m Aung Kyi Min from Myanmar, working as an eHealth Project Coordinator in Save the children’s the Global Fund - Principal Recipient team. I was involving in the development and implementation of a DHIS2 Android app - MCBRS (Malaria Case-Based Reporting and Surveillance), a key tool for malaria surveillance to support malaria elimination programs in Myanmar. I look forward to learning and exchanging experiences with you all during the academy!

I was wondering if anyone knows of a smart phone/device that would take an image of a covid-19 blood sample in order to eliminate human eye error.

Dear all,
this is SAM from NCHADS ( Cambodia.
we are implementing CBS/MPI project using DHIS2 platform for our organization to get be more under control and ease our daily life with operation and monitoring HIV/AIDS programs.
glad to be here with all participants from different regions and wish all of us success in this DHIS2 academy training.
Thanks with regards,

Hi Facilitators and colleagues, I’ve some questions that you may want to answer:

1- What is the difference between Event visualizer & Data visualizer as long as I can find Event data items in the Data visualizer?

2- Can Events-Web support offline mode? If yes, then how many events can be saved offline in the browser cache and being synced later on when the Internet is up?

3- In case of Event data are submited mistakenly to incorrect OrgUnit, is there anyway to clone events or to copy it from an OrgUnit to another OrgUnit?

Thank you in advance

Hi Shady!

Thanks for the questions.

  1. Event visualizer & Data visualizer

Event visualizer is mainly focussed on the analysis of event data, where you could select all data elements used in the program supporting all value types, such as number, text with option sets, etc. for selection, whereas in Data Visualiser it supports analysis of data pre-aggregate through use of program indicators, and indicators. In Data Visualiser, you cannot select data element which has option sets associated for analysis as they are not supported, therefore for such cases you need to use Event Visualiser. Also, if you create program indicators, and combined indicators using program indicators in the formula, there Data Visualiser is the preferred analysis tool.

  1. The Capture app on the web supports offline data entry, in the scenario of Internet connectivity dropping in middle of a online session, the data gets stored in the browser cache, the amount of data stored depends on the local storage, if there is a documented limited, we will get back with details.

  2. No, as of now such mechanisms are not available, in such a scenario, you can delete the event from the wrong organisation unit, and create again at the correct one.

Hi Facilitators. I can’t seem to find the presentation made by Saurabh today, Day 4 on Tracker Data Model.

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Yes. Please upload day 4 presentations. Thanks

Hello, I am Ruwan Perera from Sri Lanka. I am involved with the maintenance of DHIS-2 based ePIMS( electronic Pulmonarytuberculosis Information Management System) of the National Program for Tuberculosis Control and Chest Diseases( NPTCCD) of Sri Lanka. I am a MD trainee in healthinformatics

Dear Course admin, I have uploaded a wrong excel file to my 3rd assignment but I have pasted the right format on the response area… please see and do the needful.( I have sent you an email as well with the correct excel file attachment)
Thank you

@nusrat @Anruddha You should be able to access the presention on Day 4 in the first unit

. Scroll down past the unposted video and you should seee it.

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Not being able to complete ‘Creating an Event Programme’ graded assignment. Please advise. Thanks


Can you give more detail? Are you unable to upload or are the instructions unclear or you need some support on completing?

Dear facilitators,

I have finished creating the Event Program for the assignment of Day 3, but I’m not sure what is required for the submission (in the response section) since the “Malaria Line List Data Model Template filled” has already been provided. Can you clarify please?

Thank you!