Index case contact registration show smaller number on android

Hi all,

I registered an index case and its four contacts. When I click on the index case name after registering the contacts, it shows only three contacts, but in the contact tracing program, the number is correct (it shows 4). Any problem?

Index case - Maria Jose. there should be 4 contacts; not three,

contact tracing program shows correct number (4 contacts)

Gabriel Marcus is missing in the first image


Hi @ferdinandmussavene!

Were these relationships created in web or directly in android? If you try to add a new relationship, it doesn’t work?

Hi @nancyesp,

The relationships were created in android.,


And if you try to add a new relationship, the app doesn’t display it on the screen? Is there an error message?

Hi @nancyesp,

If I add a new relationship, the app displays it on screen.

@ferdinandmussavene, would I request that you upload a screen recording please? It will help if you reproduce the issue from the start. Thank you! :pray:

Hi @Gassim,

What do you mean by uploading a screen recording?


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Yes, please as you see the screenshots you uploaded above are still so it will be helpful if you use an app that records your screen while doing the steps again (reproducing the issue) and then save the video recording and upload it to this topic using the icon in the text editor:

For tips on recording please check out this post: How to clone your Android screen (useful for: presentations, debugging, etc)