Incorrect icons

Hey Community!
I am a newbie, therefore I would like to ask a bit patience and expecting some help from the experts or advanced users.
I have strange icons shown on my local dhis2 server. Do you have any suggestionshow to fix it?


Hi Ulanbek, have you had any response or been able to fix this problem? I also have the same issue!

Hello @Christopher-James ,
Nope, nobody didn’t answer. Even in JIRA still, the task hasn’t been assigned yet.
I downloaded version 2.35, and the issue fixed already.
Regards, Ulanbek

Ah sounds good! I didn’t know 2.35 was out, I’ll investigate, thanks for your reply.

@Christopher-James and @Ulanbek 2.35 has not been released yet. The latest release is 2.34.0. There have been many translation fixes in 2.34.0 so this issue may have been resolved.

It is quite common for multiple jira tickets to be written for the same issue. It could have been that we responded to a different jira ticket for this bug, but failed to update the one you are referring to. @Ulanbek what is the jira ticket, and I can look into it’s status?

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Hello @Scott. Here is the link [DHIS2-9109] - Jira.

This error was on ver.2.34, and I recently just in case updated to 2.35. The issue has gone.


This seems to be a similar issue as that faced and posted about in this topic: Icon error in Maintenance app on Windows OS server , the problem looks like an encoding problem, and it’s commented in the topic that they get it solved by changing the Tomcat version.

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Thanks for this Hamza, we have DHIS2 installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 with Tomcat 9 (the topic you quoted goes back to Tomcat 7), so not sure what the issue is.

Hello there,
I have tried it on Tomcat 8.5 and 9. The same. The interesting part is, this problem only shows at Maintenance app.
Moreover I have tried 2.35 experimental version, and it has no icon problem

Hi all,

I have tried to create a clean FAQ post for this since this issue seems to come up now and then.

Can you follow these steps and let me know if the issue still persists?

Best regards,