Import/extract/link phone contact data with DHIS2 Capture

Our community service providers (Mobile Capture Users) need to communicate with registered households (TEIs) using their devices, by phone and sms.
Currently the contact details are saved in the DHIS2 Mobile Capture but not easily accessible in the phones contacts for seamless communication, unless manually reentered.

(1) We would like to be able to enter contact details in the android contacts app so it is saved on the device, then ‘share’ to DHIS2 to register a TEI with the same name, phone number etc. as TEI attributes.

(2) Or we would propose to import the contact on the DHIS2 Capture TEI registration form, and ‘unpack’ the contents to the appropriate TEI attributes.

(3) Or it would helpful to simply have a Call and SMS icon on the TEI page that activates using the saved phone number to directly connect to the default sms or call app on the phone.

Any of these solutions would be useful to service providers responsible for following up with registered TEIs.

I am eager to hear of any work around solutions for this among existing users.

Hey @ejkinsey ! Some of these proposals sound very interesting… are you aware of our JIRA ( )? This is were we usually gather all the requirements, bugs, new features. Feel free to create diffferent issues for this so we can fully evaluate and even plan.

During the Academies, gatherings, etc we also give the floor to the community so we can receive proposals like this. Maybe @marta could tell you more about this.

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Yes! Thanks @jaime.bosque! And BTW @ejkinsey creating Jira features and discussing them with the community here helps you get votes in the Jira issue which means more votes will make the feature a priority for the developers.
Additionally, we started adding all those who create feature requests through the Community of Practice to the copmonthly. For example, see the users mentioned for creating features during the month of July: Good Samaritans, Feature Finders, and Bug Hunters continue to impact the DHIS2 Community during July 2021

Thank you!

Thanks for the advice @Gassim and @jaime.bosque
It took me a while, but I put this suggestion on JIRA now. Please support the conversation there. This would really add value to how our mobile service providers can engage with registered households.

@binamour & @sele your support is welcome too.