IMPORT ERROR: No enum constant org.hisp.dhis.common.ValueType.Value type

Hi, everyone.

We are DHIS2 Version 2.33.3

When I export data Elements as a csv file, I get the following error: No enum constant org.hisp.dhis.common.ValueType.Value type.

After clicking on import, I see


Hi, not sure if this is the issue but see this post:

It had to do with the order of columns.

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels.

I have seen the post and the order of columns are the same in my csv file. What I have is more five columns to the right like category option combination…


@dmbantu remove the first row (column headers) from the csv file. That worked for me. It seems its considering the first row as an entry because you set “First row is header” to ‘No’. If you change it to yes, then your import should go through.

Hi @micnice,

By removing the first row (column headers), I was able to import the csv file and the data elements were imported. But how to change the row header to Yes as you have suggested because I can’t see the ‘No’,

Thank you for help.

Dear @dmbantu

From the image you shared, see above.

Hi @micnice,

I am grateful for your support.