How to setup coordinates mandatory for tracked entity type

Hi all,

Is there a way I can set up android capture app and web tracker app to make required the coordinates (feature) when creating a tracked entity instance?

The idea is to collect the coordinates for the TEI (household) just once and have it available for different program and stages when mapping in the analytic tool.

I tried to configure the location as attribute but this way i am not able to display TEIs in the android application.

Anyone has experience doing this?

Thank you!


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Hi @waviles

We are also interested in this feature as it would be great to have the coordinates as a mandatory field. Have you had any success with this?

@Gassim, do you know of any work related to this feature? I am not sure if it is something that is being considered at all.



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Hi @ACoetzer1988

I understand the request here is to have a TEA (tracked entity attribute) of type coordinate and make it mandatory. I believe this is doable as the topic post above is from 2020 and a lot has changed.

Have you tested it yet?

I configured it on play now and it seems fine:

Address is TEA here of type coordinate… link will expire soon, but you could check it out (Login app | DHIS2)

Hi @Gassim

Sorry if I misread the post. I was in-fact referring to a program’s ‘feature type’ that is sent to ‘point’.

Sorry about that and thanks for always helping (despite my obvious oblivion). :smiley:



No worries, please feel free to create a topic explaining the idea so we along with the community can have a look! :wink:


Thanks @Gassim

Topic created as suggested.