How to propose new functionality - blueprints!

(this was previously sent to the dev list, sorry for cross-posting, but this is of course very relevant to the users list as well, if not more)


When it comes to suggesting and discussing improvements to the software, launchpad has a mechanism called Blueprints.

When we plan a release all new functionality and other improvements are defined through blueprints. Bugs are meant to target problems with existing code or functionality, and not new functionality or specifications. The result of using bug reports to propose new features is that these are easily lost when we plan a new release.

Here you will see how bugs and blueprints are presented for a specific release (code series):

We advice that all of you with suggestions to how we can together improve the DHIS 2 software go ahead and create blueprints in launchpad.

There you can describe your suggestions (doesn’t have to that detailed in the beginning, if that stops you), and when you are done you send an email to this list with a link to your blueprint, so that we all can stay updated on what is being suggested and also use the list to drive the discussions. Unfortunately new blueprints are not sent to the mailing lists the way new bug reports are, this is a launchpad decision, and nothing we can do about, so please share your blueprint link on the list if you want feedback.

To create a blueprint go here:

(just have a look at an existing blueprint if you are in doubt on where to write what)

It is always good practice to first check whether there is an existing blueprint covering the same functionality that you are proposing, and that you can find out by searching and browsing the existing blueprints here:

I look forward to see many new blueprints created and some good discussions about them here on the list.




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