How to mirror the Android phone screen to PC/Projector


Seeking your expertise and guidance in projecting the android apps to user thru PC/Projector. I tried with nox and vysor software to project the DHIS2 Apps but it is not displaying/mirroring the exact phone screen in the projector, which left us not able to demo the dhis2 apps. Also found app is not stable and functioning well because it get started crash, program rules are not working, some data fields are not able to enter(skipping). We are using Version:2.29, Build revision:dd8e3fc

Thanking you

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You can use teamviewer, but there are other options too - just cannot off hand remember the details.

App not stable: are you referring to the latest release 1.2.1 here? (I am having similar problems with it)


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Hi @Calle_Hedberg,

I have used Vysor and TeamViewer. Both worked well. The difference is Vysor needs a USB cable but Teamviewer can work with WiFi.

WRT, issues with Tracker Capture App, the app does not look like tested for all possibilities. We do face lot of such issues but we are just managing. :slight_smile:

We are using DHIS2 2.29 and App version is 0.5. (64).

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Dear @ MSP,
Thank you for your suggestion, we will try with Teamviewer which we haven’t.

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Teamsviewer also doesnt work. Shows dark screen.
Any other suggestion?

For Android screen mirroring I can highly recommend scrcpy. Works on Mac/Windows/Linux. Free and light-weight.

A guide specifically for Linux here:



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And as FYI,
@jaime.bosque has written a very handy guide to Scrcpy and other Android mirroring options here.


Hey @Vidhi . Just found this message… in case you were not aware since 2.6 this should work under some conditions: Black Screen on Android Device - #10 by asacur but check the doc for the security concerns: Settings configuration - DHIS2 Documentation

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