How to Embed charts and Maps in to external site

(Parveen) #1

Hi everyone,

I want to embed charts and maps in my another site. How we can use this features ?

(Calle Hedberg) #2


Have you checked out the user manual?


(Parveen) #3

I have tried following. But not working

(Scott Russpatrick) #4

@John_Francis_Mukulu or @ismailkoleleni do you have any guidance on this?

(Parveen) #5

Still not get any solution

(Eric Dusabe) #6

Hi Parveen,

As it is mentioned in this post, is not working. you should download that chart.js file from the instance you are getting the chart from (e.g. as It couldn’t be referenced directly from the script tag (security issues).
and one last thing you need to make sure of, is check if your browser web security is disabled else it will block you from accessing dhis2 resources.