How can someone contribute to dhis2 documentation

Hello everyone, I just want to say that I needed to understand and learn from dhis2 database, tables, their significance & inter-relations and due to the lack of documentation for this stuff I found myself in need to go through the database and codebase multiple times to figure that out along with the modules and how they are interconnected If there was documentation documenting this type of stuff, it would’ve made other’s life easier, However, I wonder If I could document while reading so others may get benefited from the time I spent, anyone besides me needing this stuff gets documented??, and If I want with others who have information about this stuff to help to document it, how and where to help?.

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Hi @hamza,

It’s great to hear that you want to contribute to the documentation!

As described in the announcement about our new documentation site, you can now easily click the “edit” button while reading our docs to take you directly to the source files in Github where you can raise a PR with additions or edits.

And here is a more detailed guide to submit documentation edits/fixes:

Thanks again!

Thank you for your replay and clarification @Karoline, while reading about dhis2 I actually learned many things I wish I could access them in the documentation easily, I wrote many useful notes so I can refer to them whenever I want to reinforce my understanding, they are scattered all over my computer, I’ll try to organize them in a form that conforms to the way dhis2 documentation is and share them as slides or pdfs. and see what the opinion of the lovely community of dhis2 will be if they say push them I’ll push them. Or they stay as pdfs and slides so others may find useful.

Thanks again

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Thank you so much for your input and effort to help others in the community!

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