HOTFIX Versioning Convention

Dear all,

We would like to highlight a small change to the way we number certain types of DHIS2 release.

As you may be aware, we occasionally need to provide HOTFIX patches to address urgent issues.
In an effort to clarify the way we deliver these hotfix patches, and to simplify the way we manage them internally, we are modifying the versioning convention that we are using.

Up until now, we have been using the next patch number, so a hotfix on top of 2.37.6 would be 2.37.7. However, hotfixes are not the same as maintenance patches; instead they are essentially the last maintenance patch, with the addition of typically only one or two critical fixes.

To make this concept clearer we will add another version identifier for hotfixes, instead of iterating the patch version.
For example, a hotfix based on 2.37.6 will now be
If another hotfix is required before the subsequent maintenance release it will be, and so on.
The subsequent maintenance patch will then be 2.37.7

In general the format will be: 2.<major-version>.<maintenance-patch>[.<hotfix>]

NOTE: hotfixes are typically used to fix critical issues related to security or data integrity, so we strongly advise implementers to update to the latest hotfixes as they become available. As hotfixes contain minimal changes, they can be considered identical to their base maintenance patch in terms of features, and represent very low risk in terms of updating.

We hope this makes it easier for you to distinguish hotfixes from maintenance patches.

Kind regards,
DHIS2 Release Team


Thanks @phil ! This way of numbering is clearer!


Thanks for the update @phil, I assume this takes effect as soon as the next hotfix is needed?


Yes, that is correct @HaydnJ ; we will use this convention for any future hotfixes.