Help with User account for System Email Settings

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Trying to set up the self-password reset option with Microsoft O365 email and DHIS2 is hosted on AWS by a vendor. Following the System Settings > Email documentation.

Question - what are the parameters for the Username and Password?

Microsoft has provided the Host, Ports, TLS, and we’ve created an Email address the end user would receive the mail from. Wondering if User and Password are for a DHIS2 account with super user? We aren’t hosting our own server/not sure what fits here.
Thanks for the help with this. Have been trying many combinations of options and can’t seem to get this to work.

From System settings - DHIS2 Documentation

Host nameSets the host name of the SMTP server.When you use Google SMTP services, the host name should be
PortSets the port to connect to the SMTP server.
User nameThe user name of the user account with the SMTP
PasswordThe password of the user account with the SMTP server.
TLSSelect this option if the SMPT server requires TLS for connections.
Email senderThe email address to use as sender when sending out emails.

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Hi @sgaudon ,

The example in the docs (with is probably a bad example, as the username and password are for the SMTP service you use to send the mail, and not necessarily related to DHIS2. In your case that should be the Microsoft email account that you have set up.

Feel free to send me a direct message if you need and I can try to help out your specific case.

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Thanks Phil! So for our case, the User name and the bottom ‘Email’, are both the email we set up? We’ll give this a try and reach out if problems. Much appreciated.

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Hi Sara. Yes, I think they are both the same in your case. Good luck!