Help with DHIS2 FHIR Adapter

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask for help in installing or setting up the DHIS2 FHIR Adapter ( It seems that I am always not able to get it up and running. Can you walk me through the setup? I get lost in the instructions on the readme of the repository. My co-worker already asked for help here (Help/Walkthrough with DHIS2 FHIR Adapter setup) but was not able to get any more help. Hoping this one gets attention.

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Dear Art,

We can support you to set up the adapter. We are actively using it in our projects and are contributing to its development. You can reach out on private message and we can pick it up from there.




Dear Ranga,

We have interacted on July on the HAPI-FHIR group, thank you for the responses. Unfortunately, we were not able to implement your own version of the adapter, due to lack of documentation back then; the provided slides did not suffice. Although, if there is documentation now, that would be great, and I would love to revisit your repository and retry the implementation. Thank you!


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Hi Bryan,

The documentation (its absence) is the same and we do not intend either to implement our own version like yourselves. Nothing has changed since I recall I shared a video on how to set it up.

We have been running on the core (dhis2) version of the adapter, and merge all of our improvements for the benefit of all in the community. However, as you noted - we are currently ahead on our branch - which has some few generic improvements that have not yet been merged with the core pending some reorganisation around the core development of the adapter. The net effect is that we are not working on any particular customisation of the adapter for obvious reasons and our current improvements will be submitted to the core shortly.

Perhaps you could clarify on where exactly you are getting stuck so we can understand the support you need?





the Wiki acts as the repository for the documentation of the adapter. For the current version 1.1, it contains about 300 A4 sized pages. Unfortunately, some links to external files do not work any longer (have been removed in September). If some of these files are required, I can provide them.

A guide for a quick setup and how to use the FHIR REST services can be found in this YouTube Video (added on 19th of August).