Help/Walkthrough with DHIS2 FHIR Adapter setup

Hello. I am struggling with setting up the DHIS2 FHIR Adapter. I am a beginner/learner of DHIS2 in terms of expertise.

Our project aims to use DHIS2 as a dashboard component. We already developed an OpenMRS EMR with a FHIR server for interoperability even before exploring DHIS2. Our intended implementation is very similar to the DHIS 2 Play - FHIR Demo (

So far, I have read and followed (with the best of my abilities) the documentations (readme and wiki) in the adapter repository ( and I managed to get the adapter running. However, the point where I am struggling is to actually get the adapter to work. I am trying to send a simple payload with sample patient data to the FHIR server created by the adapter but it fails. I am also having difficulties understanding the usage of the adapter’s API (i.e. rules). I am unsure to what did I miss even with tracing the logs from the adapter and tomcat 8.

I hope somebody would be patient enough to walk me through getting the implementation right. Integrating multiple systems is a first to me and I would greatly appreciate it if straightforward instructions could be provided which I could follow step by step.

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Hi @prometheus.lazo.nthc,

I am tagging my friend @Emma_Kassy to have a look at this and support you.


Very much appreciated, James.

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Hi @volker
Would you please provide more insight on this?


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