Getting an "Average" count of the total value

Dear DHIS2 support team,

Is thier an expression I can use to get the average value of the total number of events?

For example I enter a two digit number to a particuler event. I want to get the average digit value of the total number of events.

Hi @udakaya

Would you please clarify certain points?

Is this a tracker program or an event program? You want to calculate the number of events in a program stage or the number of events in an events program?


Hi @Gassim,

This is an event program, to count the number of events in an event program.

Thank you

Hi @udakaya

Okay, thanks for the clarification. Check out exercise 5 in the Learner’s Guide to Program Indicators, Learner's Guide to Program Indicators - DHIS2 Documentation

However, instead of choosing Enrollment as the Analytics Type, since you want this to be from all of the events, choose Events. You don’t need to add any filter and in the expression, select the data element from the list.

I hope this works. Please see if you get the analytics results that you are expecting after running the data analytics export in the Data Administration app. If that’s not the expected result, let’s continue our discussion.

Thank you!

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Dear Gassim,

It works perfectly, did the steps as mentioned. Thank you.

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